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This is How I Roll Spare Tire Cover-Custom made to your exact tire size

$ 72.99

Spare tire cover with This is how I roll design.  All tire covers are custom made to your exact tire size. The most popular sizes are in the drop down menu.

If your size is not listed select ALL OTHER SIZES in the drop down menu and then contact us with your size at: or phone 401-714-1381


  • All covers are proudly made in the USA in Kentucky.
  • All images are printed using top of the line UV resistant, Latex optimized, scratch resistant inks that actually etch into the vinyl. This means the image will not flake off like air brushed or painted tire covers. Our eco-friendly inks are rated up to three+ years!
  • The front of the cover is a digital print on scrim vinyl (slight gloss). The digital print will produce the vibrant image on your cover. Black marine grade vinyl (matte material) covers the tread area.
  • Spare tire covers are secured using a 90 lb rope that can be pulled as tightly as needed for a secure fit.
  • Each cover includes a set of grommets with a heavy duty locking zip tie to help prevent theft.
  • All products come with a one year guarantee.

Custom made for YOUR exact tire size. Your tire size can be found PRINTED DIRECTLY on the side wall of the tire and should look something like this example: P225/75r15. Please be sure to check the size on the spare tire, because sometimes the size on the spare tire is different from the size of the tires mounted on the vehicle. We are not asking you to measure the tire. The measurements that we need are directly printed on the side wall. 
Please note the numbers 15, 16 ,17... refer to rim size only, and are only PART of what we need, so please provide all the numbers on the sidewall of the tire. We have listed our most popular 20 sizes in the size menu; if your size is not listed please use the item OTHER and then call us with your size at 401-714-1381

We only make soft covers, but they can easily slide over your existing hard shell. You need to measure the diameter at the widest point and the width of the hard shell. Please also take a look to make sure you can get your hand in back of the hard shell cover. Our standard production uses rope so let us know if you feel ELASTIC would be easier to install.

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